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This garment is setting a new standard for the world of fashion, created locally of buttery-soft linen fabric with a short closed-loop supply chain. Blending aesthetics with ethics, this is the first fully compostable item of wearable art on Earth, keeping you and the climate cool with high breathability and a circular, farm-to-fashion production process.

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What is Compostable Fashion?

By definition, every material is biodegradable. However, this process can take hundreds if not thousands of years. Synthetic products often leave behind hazardous toxins and microplastics that bleed into the ocean and corrupt our coral reefs.

Meanwhile, compostable products are broken down in organic matter much more quickly, but only with the help of human intervention. For something to be compostable, it must be made entirely of non-toxic materials so that no microplastics or toxins are left behind.  

Our compostable garments are created to last just as long as you'd like to wear it. After that, it can be composted (no worry, we handle this) to create healthy, organic matter, free from synthetic or hazardous materials. Inspired by nature, our blazer is perfectly evolved for you to enjoy, made from unbleached, undyed linen that is OEKO-TEX® certified.

A New Life Blazer

It's cut from a simpler cloth.


Flax fibers are known for creating soft, breathable, circular fabrics.


Organic cotton is a regenerative resource made without the use of toxic chemicals.

This is Farm-to-Fashion (and then back to farm again) at its finest, without compromising on a tight-knit supply chain.


Why Join Us?


Our products are easy on the eye and environment, designed with timeless durability in a 100% original contemporary style.


Kind to your skin, the climate, and coral reefs, we create circular fashion you can't live without.

Positive Vibes Only

We use only climate positive materials that are good for our health and the Earth.

Pioneering the circular economy, everything we do is from nature, back to nature, ending up as healthy soil, just as nature intended.

A Blazer with a Bounty

  • Available in men's and women's style fit, with a modern, versatile design

  • Fully circular production process with a traceable supply chain

  • Every fiber is positive, from the first seed to the finishing (very soft) touch

  • Crafted from organic, regenerative fibers that are responsibly grown (such as flax)

  • Materials are responsibly harvested from a biodynamic farm in The Netherlands 

  • Each jacket has a unique product ID that is yours and yours alone 

  • Breathable fabric to keep you cool when the mercury rises 

  • NFT certified, with jacket ownership digitally registered on the blockchain

  • The blazer even comes with a digital twin that can be worn in the Metaverse!

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Meet the Founder

Marije de Roos, the Circular Fashion Detective, is a Dutch economist, thought leader and entrepreneur. A love for fashion design paired with a severe allergy to greenwashing, made her start the brand she can trust: Positive Fibers®.

Meet the Designers

We create fashion, so naturally we work with real designers. Our team is growing slowly but steadily with the brightest and most creative young talents who align around the same values and purpose: to build an ethical fashion system.

Stefka de Ruiter

Fashion Designer

Stefka is a Bulgarian-Dutch fashion designer who holds a BA in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Soledad Gallardo

Fashion Designer

Soledad is a Spanish fashion designer and pattern maker who holds a BA from CIFP Paseo das Pontes and from Formarte.


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